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Getting Started

  • Install the Kamara VS Code extension.
  • In the Kamara view on VS Code, press the Login button.
  • Log In using GitHub or Google.
  • Create a .kamara.json file in the root of your project with description and sourceFolders fields:Example .kamara.json file
  • Buy Credits.
  • Start asking Kamara to build things for you! For example:Example prompt for Kamara

Prompt Tips

  • While we tested it to work with many languages, most of the testing has been done with Typescript.
  • Kamara works better if your files are short. You can ask Kamara to split up a big file into several smaller ones if you have a big one.
  • Kamara works best when you already have an idea of how to implement something. The more specific you are, the better the results.